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Home Inspections

The Sarasin Team at Remax Ultimate Realty always recommend that their buyers have a home inspected prior to purchasing. Especially here in South Florida where there were issues with Chinese Drywall for homes built between 2004-2007. Regardless of when your home was built, its always good to have your home inspected by a licensed inspector to look for any defects in the home that may not be visible to the naked eye.

1. We always provide a list of inspectors that we have used before that we know are good but its the buyers choice as to who they ultimately choose.

2. The inspections usually consist of a standard home inspection a pest inspection and a wind mitigation report at an average cost of about $500.00 and are paid at the time of the inspection.

A) The standard inspection consists of a licensed inspector reviewing the exterior and the interior of the home from top to bottom focusing on the Electrical, Plumbing, AC, Roof, Appliances, Windows, Floors, Walls, etc.

B) The Pest Inspection involves an inspection of the exterior roof, fascia, soffits, walls and any add-ons that can be affected by pest infestation. The interior walls, floors, window sills, attic as well as underneath sinks/vanities are checked for any signs of pests or wood destroying organisms.

C) Wind Mitigation Reports are important because they affect the new buyer directly in their pocket with Homeowners Insurance! This inspection consists of an overall evaluation of  the age, type and construction of the roof as well as the doors, garage door, storm shutters, and more. There are many factors that can lower or raise the cost of your insurance and by receiving this wind mitigation report as part of your home inspection, you can determine if this will be a problem prior to purchasing the home.

Our goal with every buyer is to provide them with as much detailed information about the home prior to purchasing it. Some loan types won't approve a loan depending on some issues found during an inspection so this may require asking the seller to make the necessary repairs. Some sellers also refuse to do such repairs therefore making it impossible for new buyers to purchase the home without changing loan type. In this case, the best coarse of action may be to move on to a different home and while the money spent on the inspection may be lost, the new buyer ultimately saved money by not going through with the appraisal and survey only to be denied the loan.

Dale and I work with our buyers to ensure they are informed about the pros and cons of home inspections and our goal is to guide you towards a no hassle purchase with no surprises in the end!! A Happy Customer is a referral for future business and that's our goal with every sale!!



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